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About us

What is Havering SEND IASS?

Havering SENDIASS provide free, impartial and confidential information, advice and support on matters relating to education, health and social care. We offer support to parents/carers of children with SEND aged 0-16 years and young people themselves with SEND aged 16-25 years.

We offer support to parents/carers of young people who are 16-25 years old if the young person would prefer us to liaise with them rather than themselves or the young person lacks mental capacity.

You can view the Havering SENDIASS Leaflet below:


Havering SENDIASS can:

  • Provide impartial advice and information
  • Give practical support
  • Explain the different stages of the Education Health and Care Needs Process
  • Read through draft Education, Health & Care Plans and assist parents/carers/young people with any suggested amendments that need to be made
  • Accompany parents/carers/young people to meetings to support them and ensure their voice is heard. (Depending on Case Officer availability)*
  • Negotiating on behalf of parents/carers and young people in appropriate circumstances
  • Providing advocacy for parents/carers and young people between the place of education or Local Authority or other parties if necessary
  • Liaise with other professionals including Social Services
  • Signpost parents/carers and young people to relevant services such as support groups or professional agencies
  • Assist parents/carers and young people to make informed decisions on a range of issues, including identifying suitable schools (however we cannot decide for you or name a school)
  • Provide information on education transfer stages
  • Preparation for Annual Reviews for Education Health and Care Plans

* Due to Covid-19, the Service now operates on an email and telephone basis only. Support at meetings will no longer be face-to-face, however SENDIASS can attend meetings virtually depending on Case Officer availability.

 This is reviewed on a regular basis. 


Policies & Procedures

Please see our Policies and Procedures below where you can find additional information on how Havering SENDIASS operates. 

PDF Document - Confidentiality Policy
PDF Document - Safeguarding Policy
PDF Document - Impartiality Policy
PDF Document - Complaints Policy






SENDIASS Annual Reports

Havering SENDIASS produces an Annual Report each year which reflects on the Service's achievements, projects, data and Service user feedback.

Please see below for the most recent reports.

PDF Document - 2017/18                 
PDF Document - 2018/19                 
PDF Document - 2019/20
PDF Document - 2020/21