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Information on Exclusions


On this page, you can find information advice and support on Exclusions from maintained Schools, Academies and Pupil Referral Units (PRU's) in England. 


If a School excludes a child for more than 5 days, the School must arrange suitable full-time education from the sixth school day. Schools can exclude a pupil for a maximum of 45 days per academic year. Anything above this will result in Permanent Exclusion

It's important to note that Schools can only exclude for disciplinary reasons. They are unable to exclude a pupil because they are unable to meet their needs.

The statutory guidance ‘Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England’ does confirm at paragraph 14 that ‘informal’ or ‘unofficial’ exclusions, such as sending pupils home ‘to cool off’, are unlawful, regardless of whether they occur with the agreement of parents or carers. 

This includes children who are below compulsory School age (those under 5), and young people who are above compulsory School age (those in sixth form).

For information on Exclusions including your parental responsibilities, please read visit the exclusions page. You can find this in the additional support section. 



  • You can ask the School if they can offer SEN Support If your child isn't receiving this
  • You can request an immediate review of the Support being provided if SEN Support is being provided
  • You can have discussions with the School about requesting an EHC Needs Assessment
  • You can consider following the Schools' complaints policy



  • If provision in Section F has not been followed, you are able to complain to the Local Authority as Schools have a legal duty to follow the provision set out in the EHC Plan. 
  • You can request an Early Annual Review of the EHC Plan
  • If the EHC is outdated or you feel it doesn't meet the needs of your child, you can request a re-assessment 
  • You can arrange a meeting at the School to discuss further support




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You can also view the statutory guidance on exclusions from Mantained Schools, Academies and Pupil Referral Units (PRU's) in England on the following link below: 


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