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Leaving Education or Training

Leaving Education or Training


All young people with SEN should be supported to make the transition to life beyond school or college, whether or not they have an EHC plan.

As well as preparing them for adulthood generally, schools and colleges should ensure that young people with SEN have the information they need to make the final steps in this transition.

This includes information about local employers, further training, and where to go for further advice or support.


For young people with EHC plans, where it is known the young person will be leaving education, the local authority should use the annual review prior to ceasing the EHC plan to agree the following:

  • The support required moving forward
  • Specific steps needed to help you engage with services



Some young people will be moving into employment or going on to higher education.

Others might primarily require the following:

  • Access to Health Services
  • Access to Social Care Services
  • Access to adult learning opportunities

This may be best supported by universal health services and adult social care and support, alongside learning opportunities in the adult skills sector.


This transition should be planned with timescales and clear responsibilities and the young person should know what will happen when their EHC plan ceases.

During this planning process, the local authority must continue to maintain the young person’s EHC plan as long as the young person needs it and remains in education or training