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Information on School Transport


It is important to take into consideration how your child travels too and from School. If the School is further than the Local Authority’s statutory walking distance, you may be provided with transport.

The walking distance is measured by the shortest available route and the legislation states that this walking distance is:

  • Two miles for children under eight
  • Three miles for a child over eight


Free transport should be provided if:

  • Your child has a severe or profound difficulty 
  • Your child attends a School which is deemed the most suitable, but which is beyond the statutory walking distance 
  • Children with SEND, although the question may be asked how severe the SEND is. 
  • Children whose route to school is unsafe 
  • Children from low income families. 
  • The school route is unsafe 
  • The child lives beyond the statutory walking distance


If the Education Department agrees to provide transport, you will receive verification of this when you receive confirmation about which school has been allocated. If this is the case, shortly before the beginning of the Autumn Term you should receive details, in writing, of who will be transporting your child to their School.



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