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Local Support Organisations & Services

Local Support Organisations & Services


Below you can find Local Organisations and Support Services that support children/young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). These are Organisations we have most enquiries about. 

Please visit each website or call Services that are applicable to you in order to find out in more detail what support they can offer.  


ADD-UP - ADHD Information Support Service

ADD-UP was setup to bring families together, to guide parents in the right direction to find the practical help they need for their children and to promote both public and professional awareness of ADHD.  For more information, you can call contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 454040 



DABD – Information Support Service

DABD provide services that give people the opportunities to create a better life.
The services that they offer include Benefits and Financial Advice, Support into Education, Skills & Employment, Personal Care and Accessible Transport.

Want to find out more about DABD, you can contact them on: 

Telephone - 0208 592 8603



First Step – Early Years Support (0-5 years) 

First Step offers families the opportunity to meet in a welcoming and understanding environment.  A range of support services and sessions are provided offering an holistic approach, aiming to assist with the well being of the whole family.  Pre-school and Promoting Attention Communication & Co-operation (PACC) sessions follow the principles outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  To find out more, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 556355



Havering Council’s Appointee & Deputyship Service (18+ Referral only)

This service provided by Havering Council offers Appointee & Deputyship to residents living in the London Borough of Havering. 

This service is for people who cannot manage their finances due to lack of Mental Capacity; An Appointee  can only manage State pension and benefits. They must then use this money for the person on their behalf and in their best interests

An Appointee however, has no legal authority to manage property and financial affairs and in most cases, it is also necessary to apply to the Court of Protection to be a Deputy.

If you wish for Havering Council to become your Appointee and or Deputy, you must speak with your Social Worker. If you don’t have a Social Worker you can enquire by:

Telephone - 01708 432000 



Havering Council’s Career Advice & Employment Service (Havering Works) – Employability Support Service

Havering Works supports those who are 19+ seeking employment; they can support you with CV writing, job applications & interview preparations and more. Their services include one-to-one assessment of individual skills and training development needs, guidance from a qualified personal mentor to help individuals develop an Action Plan with steps towards achieving work/training/further or higher education aims, information on specialist agencies and other provision that offers additional and/or more specialist support. 

To find out more, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 432567 



Havering Council's Local Offer - Information Support Directory

With a wide range of information from universal services (such as GP’s and schools), Targeted services (additional short-term support over and above universal services) and specialist services (specialised, longer-term support), The Local Offer aims to make this information easily accessible to parents/carers and young people with SEND.  To visit Havering’s Local Offer, please click on the following link:



Havering Council's Welfare Rights Unit

Havering Welfare Rights Unit provides benefit advice and assistance to Havering residents.

For further information, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 434444



Positive Parents - Havering Parent/Carer Forum 

Positive Parents are an Independent Group for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and disabilities living in the London Borough of Havering. They provide information, advice, support, training and the opportunity to meet other parents and carers in order to improve and make positive changes to the lives of their families. Through the forum you are also able to give your views on the services you use and work with providers to improve them. Becoming a member is free and a membership form can either by downloaded from their website or request one via email. For more information, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 07858 406933 



Romford Autistic Group Support (RAGS) – Autism Support Service

RAGS provide help and support for families who have a child/ren with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
For more information, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 564871 



Special Needs and Parents (SNAP) – Information Support Service

If you have a child between 0-25 years who has any special need or disability and you live in Essex, then SNAP can offer some Information Advice and Support. No formal diagnosis or professional referral is necessary to access SNAP Services. You can contact them on:

Telephone - 01277 211300


Sycamore Trust - Autism Support Service

Sycamore Trust supports the needs of families, carers and friends of children with Autistic Spectrum & Asperger Disorders.  With Young People’s Services, Adult Services & Family Services; Sycamore Trust offers a range of support. You can contact them on: 

Telephone - 0208 517 9317 / 0208 262 5330