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Local Support Organisations & Services 

Local Support Organisations & Services 


Below, you can find local support groups that young people (16+) can access for Information Advice and Support. 

We recommend making contact with them to find out more information on what they offer. 



Advocacy for All- Young Advisers SEND Forum Havering

This is a group for young people aged 12 – 25 with disabilities living in Havering

The aims of the group are:

  • To find out what young people with disabilities people think about their lives
  • Give young people a voice to the local council.

What they do:

  • They are researchers
  • Plan fun and interactive activities to find out what young people with disabilities think and feel
  • Build and learn new skills like self-confidence, communication, and team work
  • Make presentations
  • Have fun
  • Play games
  • Make new friends

Do you want to find out more? If so, you can contact them on: 

Telephone - 0345 310 1812 (Option 4)



AddUp - ADHD Information Support Service

AddUp offers Information, Advice & Support with ADHD related enquiries.  If you would like support from them, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 454040
Website -




DABDEnabling Independence – Information Support Service

DABD provide services that give people the opportunities to create a better life.
The services that they offer include:

  • Benefits & Financial Advice
  • Support into Education, Skills & Employment
  • Personal Care
  • Accessible Transport

Would you like further information? You can contact them on:

Telephone - 0208 592 8603 




Havering Council's Local Offer - Information Support Directory

With a wide range of Information, the local offer helps you understand what services are available to you. These range from Education, Health & Social Care.

The Local Offer provides you with information on services such as: 

  • Universal Services (such as GP's and Schools) 
  • Targeted Services (services which support over and above universal services)
  • Specialist Services (Specialised, longer-term support)

Do you want to find out more information? Please click on the following link:



Havering Council’s Career Advice & Employment Service (Havering Works) – Employability Support Service

Havering Works supports those who are 19+ seeking employment; their support includes:

  • Support with CV Writing
  • Support with job applications and interview preparations
  • One-to-one assessment of skills and training development needs 
  • Guidance from a mentor 
  • Support with developing an Action Plan to secure education/employment
  • Information on specialist agencies and/or more specialist support

Do you want to find out more? You can contact them on:

Telephone - 01708 432567 



Special NeedsandParents (SNAP) Brentwood – Information Support Service

SNAP based in Brentwood can support you if you would like to access Information Advice & Support regarding your Education, Health or Social Care. 

SNAP can offer the following type of support:

  • Education Advice Sessions
  • Activities for Children & Young People (CYP)
  • Counselling if you have an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP)

For further information on this service, please contact them on:

Telephone - 01277 211300


Sycamore Trust - Autism Support Service

Sycamore Trust offers Young People’s Support Services, Adult Services & Family Services; Sycamore Trust offers a range of support such as:

  • Signposting and advice on Education, Health & Social Care
  • Family Support
  • Girls Group
  • Peer Support Group
  • Youth Clubs
  • Autism Ambassadors
  • Volunteering
  • Outreach
  • Autism awareness

Do you want to find out more?  If so, you can contact them on:

Telephone - 0208 517 9317